29 Jun

Youth Trip to Los Angeles

Forty seven youth and their counselors spent one week in the diocese of Los Angeles and visiting St. Anthony’s Monastery in California from June 29 – July 6, 2011. The trip was filled with spiritual meetings and fun excursions. The group had a special meeting with H.G. Bishop Serapion and the diocese youth. The visit…

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16 Mar

Youth Retreat To Muskoka Bible Centre

The Church youth spent three wonderful and memorable days together at The Muskoka Bible Centre during their March Break.  The retreat was full of praise and worship, and included numerous discussions ranging from panel discussions on “Why I should hold off on having a boyfriend/girlfriend” to a court case on “Why Christianity is the only real religion”…

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23 Dec

Youth Group Activities Day

The Youth Group Counsellors organized a special day of activities for the youth during the Christmas holiday.  This day involved having lunch together at Spring Rolls followed by watching The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D.  Following the movie, the youth headed to St. Luke’s Church where they listened to…

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11 Oct

Youth Meeting with Fr. Anthony Messeh

The church youth held a special meeting with Fr. Anthony Messeh on October 11, 2010. The topic of discussion was “The Spirituality of the Divine Liturgy”. The youth asked many questions concerning how to prepare and benefit from the Divine Liturgy. We thank our beloved father Abouna Anthony for making time for the youth in his tight…

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01 Oct

YSM Youth Drop In

Volunteers from SMSV helped the YSM prepare a meal for the youth in the YSM community. The team served the youth and joined in a fellowship meal full of encouragement and discussions on career and leadership.

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25 Sep

Youth Group Chudleighs Apple Farm and Frankie Tomatto's Excursion

The youth group and their counsellors had a fun filled day starting with a visit to Chudleighs Apple Farm.  There, they taste tested the six varieties of apples available for picking and then picked their own apples to take home.  Apple picking was followed by a buffet lunch at Frankie Tomatto’s where Fr. Pishoy shared a…

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03 Sep

Youth Group Activities Night

The Youth Group counselors organized an activities night for the youth on Friday, September 3rd at Blessed Trinity School. The night included ice breakers, games, sports, and a spiritual meditation from Fr. Pishoy on having “An Acceptable Year of the Lord” (Luke 4:19) on the occasion of a new Coptic year as well as a…

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01 Jul

Youth Trip to Ottawa, Montreal, & Thousand Islands

The church youth participated in a memorable trip to Ottawa, Montreal, and Thousand Islands from July 1st to 3rd. The trip included visits to St. Mary’s Coptic Church in Ottawa, Parliament Hill on Canada Day, St. Joseph Cathedral, Notre Dame, Old Montreal, St. George and St. Joseph Coptic Church, and St. Mary’s Coptic Church in…

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24 May

Youth and CREW meetings with Fr. Michael Sorial

The youth were blessed to meet with Fr. Michael Sorial on Monday, May 24th. The topic of discussion was “Elijah and the Drought” being inspired from 1 Kings 18. On the following day, Fr. Michael led the CREW meeting with a meditation on “Created on the Image and Likeness of God”. We are very thankful…

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14 Mar

Texas Youth Spiritual Retreat

The church organized a Youth Spiritual Retreat to St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey in Texas during the Spring Break from March 14 – 20, 2010. Thirty Nine of the church youth and their counselors participated in this spiritually uplifting journey which took them to the southern most tip of the United States. We were welcomed at…

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15 Feb

Youth Meeting With Fr. Paul Girguis

The High School youth were blessed to meet with Fr. Paul Girguis from St. Mark’s Church of Washington DCon Monday, February 15th. Fr. Paul’s message to the youth focused on how to attain true commitment of the heart and life to the Lord Jesus despite modern day challenges to the faith and morality. May the Lord bless our…

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20 Nov

Toronto Raptors Game Youth Outing

The church youth participated in an outing on Friday, November 20th to cheer for the Toronto Raptors playing against the Miami Heat at the Air Canada Centre. The youth enjoyed an evening together in fellowship which was crowned with the Raptors’ victory and a free slice of pizza because they scored over 100 points. On…

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12 Oct

Youth Meeting with Fr. Anthony Messeh

The High School youth met with Fr. Anthony Messeh during his Toronto visit on October 12, 2009. The meeting consisted primarily of Q & A whereas the youth inquired on ways to grow spiritually, develop a personal relationship with the Lord, and overcome daily challenges that might face them at this stage in their lives.…

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26 Sep

Youth Group Trip to Chudleigh's Apple Farm

The Youth Group spent a beautiful sunny day together at Chudleigh’s Apple Farm in Milton followed by a buffet lunch at Frankie Tomatto’s.  Upon arrival to Chudleigh’s Apple Farm the youth were given an opportunity to taste test more than half a dozen different kinds of apples ranging from Gala, Wealthy and of course the very sweet…

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12 Jul

Graduation & Good News Sharing Day 2009

It was a joyful day indeed where many of the church members celebrated their graduation from Junior High School, High School, College, University, Graduate studies, admission into graduate schools, new births, passing the licensing examinations,, and high achievement in competitions. This event strengthened the ties between the church members, helped us to rejoice with one another, and…

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