Beloved SMSV Family,

We are excited to announce the upcoming Church Board Elections on Sunday, March 5, 2023 with the presence of HG Bishop Archilids. Our Board plays a very important role in our community and contributes positively to the vision and mission of SMSV. Board members have 2 main responsibilities:

Administrative Responsibilities including to:

· Support SMSV’s vision and mission

· Support the President and Vice President of the Board

· Bring forward issues relating to the church’s administrative function and management

· Discuss building and staff requirements

· Represent SMSV at functions

· Provide advice on management of Ministries

Fiduciary Responsibilities including to:

· Receive regular updates from the Treasurer regarding the financial status and review reports

· Discuss approaches to solicit donations

· Approve large purchases or contracts

· Review annual audited statements and approve prior to the annual general assembly

· Ensure that there is a process in place for signing authority

The SMSV church board will consist of 11 board members. These will include the officers of the board, which are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The members of the board reflect the diversity of SMSV’s congregation. We welcome you to participate in the Board Election process by:

1. Nominating a congregation member

2. Self-nominating

3. Voting

To submit a nomination for the board elections, please refer to the FAQ. Download and complete the 4 forms. Please include a bio and a picture of yourself with the completed forms.

All documents and your picture should be sent to [email protected] as one package by Sunday, February 12, 2023.