A. S.

“Entering SMSV, you will see, we are a ‘colourful’ church. Immediately you will feel you belong, regardless of where you are coming from. Everyone is welcomed by smiling greeters and you are in the middle of a very diverse congregation, in the middle of many different ‘colours’ and ethnicities. Even if you are not familiar […]

R. S.

Philippians 4” 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I come from a Nepalese background… I was raised in a Christian boarding school, from the age of 7 my faith had waned off because of lack of guidance and though I made it thru life, being a widow with three children […]

M. B. A.

I have learned the meaning of giving and loving in this church. God bless our church.

E. S.

SMSV allows families to become more spiritually connected. SMSV encourages repentance and gives unconditional love.

Sh. I

I love the unity in the church. I love how the church welcomes new members. I love the church services for poor people and children abroad.

A. L.

SMSV has helped me and my family to grow spiritually and experience a deeper prayer life.  SMSV has helped to strengthen relationships with our family members. I am thankful for the unity and love between church members and in small groups.

H. R.

SMSV is a loving and welcoming church.

M. F. G.

SMSV is full of love and the spirit of giving.