Congregation Visit to the Church Construction Site

20 Jul

2014-July-LandVisit (58)The Church congregation had an opportunity to visit the land to view the progress of the construction during the weekend of July 18 – 20, 2014. On Friday evening, the youth group meeting was held on the church land where counsellors and youth enjoyed a fellowship meal, an overview of the project, and a meditation. On Saturday morning, we celebrated the first Divine Liturgy on site; an event that brought joy and gladness to everyone present. This was followed by BBQ, tours and fellowship until the evening. Many members also visited the land on Sunday afternoon where they participated in tours, BBQ and fellowship. Overall, it was a memorable weekend where members were able to view first hand the construction progress and pray together in the land which the Lord has given us. We pray that this entire project would be for the glory of God’s name and that it would bring joy and peace to everyone who visits it.