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The Nativity and Me is a book characterising the transformative aspects of the journey from the Annunciation to the Epiphany.

While contemplating on the events of the Nativity of Christ, Fr Bishoy Kamel helps the reader relate these events to our everyday events. In this book Fr Bishoy Kamel provides deep contemplations inspired from ancient Orthodox fathers to create a holistic understanding that enables believers to fully experience the orthodox understanding of the Nativity.

The five chapters of the book each discover the profound impact of the events of the Incarnation not only on the world but on the application of the personal life of the individual.

In the first chapter, the Good news of the Annunciation is reflected through the life of Saint Mary and other saints that made the Annunciation a personal and liveable way of life by which they lived.

In the second chapter, evidence for the Incarnation is explored as well as practical advice on how to live the Nativity in the 21st century. Fr. Bishoy Kamel touches on our Orthodox understanding of God, Who is beyond the realm of time interacting with His children within the parameters of time.

In the third chapter, Fr Bishoy Kamel discusses the theological basis for God becoming Man coupled with its significance in our everyday lives. He further answers some of the most commonly asked difficult questions about the Incarnation.

In the fourth chapter, the Nativity is presented through the practical lens of the ancient Orthodox Church Fathers, Fr Bishoy Kamel highlights the incarnate nature of Christ, as He embraces humanity and takes flesh to renew the covenant between man and God and its significance for us today.

Lastly, in the final chapter, Fr. Bishoy Kamel talks about the Epiphany and the sacramental significance of Baptism for Christians as the basis for Christian virtue and practice.

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