Women’s Ministry

Mission Statement: 
We aim to enhance womanly spirituality through CHRIST-centered meetings
and emphasize the power of our faith through our discussions. That could be achieved by conversation, activities and missions. The ministry welcomes all women of all ages and all ethnicities.  Diversity is the key to this ministry, so any lady is welcome without any restrictions.  The ministry also will work with the other ministries, especially the Community Service ministry and Social ministry, as well as with others whenever the need for serving our church presents itself any time.

To volunteer in this committee, please contact Kidane Mariam women@smsv.ca send a message

CORE: Is a group of women who come together to do the planning of the women’s ministry with the input and the need of all women in mind. We operate without exclusion of any sort. This group a of women have made a commitment to be there sister keeper in all elements. The CORE is an open part of women’s ministry, if you have an interest in women’s ministry this journey may be for you. (John 15;13)

We meet once a month location and time to be discussed; events will be 3 to 4 times a year depending on event and responsibility more meeting time may be booked, commitment to reading 3-4 times a year as well as fellowship. Your can contact Kidane at women@smsv.ca  expressing your interest and contact information.

C-is for Christ entered in all we do spreading His love through sisterhood,
O-out reach doing our best to reach hearts near and far,
R-rooted we stand together rooted in our mission to enhance womanly spirituality through emphasizing the power of our faith
E- everyone welcome.