Town of Markham Endorsement to Site Plan Application

28 Jun

We praise the Lord for His amazing work in our midst and the progress of our steps towards starting our building project. In a miraculous move which took place on June 28, 2011, the Council of the Town of Markham took a unanimous decision to endorse our site plan application only five weeks following our submission. In their last meeting prior to their summer break, the decision was made due to God’s blessing, our congregation’s fervent prayers, and the eagerness of the Town of Markham staff to see the project begin soon, God willing. There were a few minor conditions that were set in place before we can receive the full approval and the site plan is registered. We pray to have these conditions met by the end of the summer to facilitate the final approval. The endorsement of the site plan means that we can now apply for the services permit for work to begin this fall God willing. Our next task is to complete and submit the detailed drawings for approval which will prepare us for the building permit.

May the Lord bless every step for the glory of His holy name.