Roots Children’s Bible Study and Activities

Program Summary

Children from Grades 1 through 6 will participate in weekly lessons that guide them chronologically throughout the whole Bible, from start to finish. Weekly lessons will be complimented by an hour of inclusive physical activity in the gym, to ensure children are benefiting spiritually and physically.

Program Details

Start Date: Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Time: Every Saturday from 5-7 PM

Registration Fees: $40 per child annually

Registration includes: Bible, work binder, Bible bag

Program Objectives

  1. To educate children about God as He has revealed Himself through His Word, and to create an environment in which children can grow and develop in faith and obedience, through Bible study, prayer, reflection/discussion and song.
  2. To develop in children an appreciation for the Bible and the beauty of God’s creation.
  3. To provide children opportunities to enjoy new and challenging activities which encourage responsible behaviour and the development of Christian life skills.
  4. To promote inclusive, team-building activities so children may develop healthy relationships with their peers, while reaping the benefits associated with being physically active.
  5. To nurture the development of long-term, mentoring relationships between children and servants.

For more information, please contact Joseph Gurgis:

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