Sports Ministry

Where: Gym. Every Sunday from 11:45 am -1:00 pm
Price: Free (just come out)

An atmosphere where anyone may come to play and learn sports.
We offer amateur and intermediate level recreational activities in one of the premier sporting facilities in North York.

“Sport is more than just a game. Sports are about participating in recreational physical activities as a community. Society today works on highlighting only the competitive nature of sports while neglecting the meaning, value and benefits behind the sports itself. Sports are meant to build healthier, happier and stronger fellowships. At SMSV, we look to use sports to achieve these benefits through and towards God. The Sports ministry at SMSV is thankfully always growing through God’s grace and looking to welcome new participants. We hope you join us in our mission of sports fellowship towards God. God Bless

SMSV Gym Rules


The SMSV Sports Ministry Team”

Basketball – please contact Andrew at: