R. S.

R. S.

Philippians 4” 13

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

I come from a Nepalese background…
I was raised in a Christian boarding school, from the age of 7 my faith had waned off because of lack of guidance and though I made it thru life, being a widow with three children struggles in my heart I was struggling with not having a relationship with God.

I remember often alone crying and asking God to show me the way the truth send the Holy sprit, there were droughts and dryness in my life. I was hurt so much that I was not able to forgive. My soul was searching for that relationship with God.

As I was planning my soul searching trip to India a good friend suggested that I visit this Christian retreat centre in Karela she said “Jesus lives there”. That caught my attention maybe that is the answer I was looking for. Lord had answered my Prayers. I spent 2 weeks at the Christian retreat. .It was a spiritual awakening the walk I had with Jesus there, I did not want to leave the Retreat.

When I returned to Toronto, I started to attend the service and joy meeting at SMSV
I started seeing the changes in my old ways, breaking off relationships that were in my way of my new faith. I started to read Bible and praying more. Jesus was doing wonders in my life, life was peaceful and I could see a clear vision.

During our mission trip to Brazil, my heart was craving and aching I could not figure out was it was…I started to place prayer request at the alter and asked Lord Jesus to show me the way… show me a sign anything. Give me some direction.  As we were staying at the church with Bishop Aghason.  I met with the Bishop and told him what I was feeling and my prayer request. It was a calling from God…. That Monday Bishop Aghason Baptised me, my spiritual birth.

I was very close to my father  who I  lost 10 years ago that left a great void in my life and now at SMSV I have found not just one father but my 3 Fathers…. My heart changed with multitudes of blessing that has being pouring into my life. I have found so much LOVE at SMSV and a new Family in Christ.  My heart long for the service and liturgy on Thursdays and Sunday, bible study.  Lord Jesus our Saviour has done great things in my life. I have changed and forgiven the person who hurt me so much.

Matthew 6:14-15   For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

I still have some struggles, but now I know I am not walking ALONE, The Lord is walking with me.

GOD IS GREAT. I love you Jesus