Pentecost Celebration 2018

27 May

The Feast of Pentecost is a day of joy and celebration where the gift of the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples and they spoke with many tongues and performed miracles. This is also the day that we celebrate our unity and diversity in the One Body of Christ. On May 27, 2018, the church celebrated this glorious feast with much joy and jubilation. Following the Divine Liturgy, we held our annual “Release of the Doves” with the presence of hundreds of congregants both adults and children. This was followed by the presence of an ice cream truck to mark the end of the Holy 50 days and the beginning of the Apostles Fast.

In the evening, we welcomed “Jubilance Singers and Orchestra” who shared many beautiful and inspiring songs followed by a meditation from Acts 2 about the Characteristics of the Apostolic Church. This was concluded by a delicious dinner where congregants and the Orchestra shared in fellowship and love. May our Lord bless our church as we all strive to live in unity and share God’s love with all our neighbours.