Mother’s Ministry

motherDirect your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it (Proverbs 22:6)

 Mission statement:

  • To support mothers with children of all ages… We aim to
    • ENCOURAGE, by providing emotional support in times of difficulty or uncertainty
    • EQUIP with valuable and practical information
    • ENGAGE mothers by providing opportunities for mothers to connect and help each other
    • and ENLIGHTEN by prayerfully nourishing the spiritual needs of the moms, as well as helping them raise Godly families
  • We link with the Women’s ministry in order to provide a holistic approach for supporting women in all their roles, including motherhood

 What does the Mother’s Ministry do?

  • Social events (e.g. brunch for moms)
  • Monthly emails (e.g. “Mommy Minute”) to encourage and inspire
  • Mommy “swap” to allow exchange of gently used and no longer needed clothes, toys, books, gear or other resources
  • Spiritual presentations, prayer meetings
  • Educational sessions (e.g. child nutrition) and resources (e.g. books, websites)
  • Skype meetings to accommodate busy moms – in the future!


Volunteers, new members, and ideas welcome….Please contact