Meeting with Markham Mayor Mr. Frank Scarpitti

28 Oct


We are thankful to the Lord for a very successful meeting with His Worship Mr. Frank Scarpitti, Mayor of Markham, on October 28, 2009. Also, in attendance was Mr. Dan Horchik, Counselor for Ward 6 where the church land is located. Representing the church at the meeting were: Mr. Medhat Abdou, Mr. Brian Andrew, and Mr. Leonard Abelman from WZMH Architects as well as Mr. Tony Masongsong, engineer, Mr. Ben Quan, planner, Mr. Abdallah Guirguis, church engineering committee, and Fr. Pishoy. The WZMH team presented components of the project to the mayor and counselor who were extremely impressed with its quality, beauty, and sustainability. We are thankful to the Lord that both Mr. Scarpitti and Mr. Horchik are supporting our project and have asked us to submit the rezoning application immediately which we did. The mayor asked if we would be ready to begin construction as soon as next year and the committee affirmed that, with God’s help, we would be as soon as we receive all the permits required to begin construction. Mr. Horchik also mentioned that the location and facilities of the church are ideal to be utilized for many activities and meetings of the city staff and the community at large. The church committee affirmed that the vision of our parish is to be a part of the community and to spare no effort at facilitating any of its activities. We pray to the Lord that He would continue to bless this project for the glory of His holy name and to lead the rest of the process until its full realization