Love in Action Brunch 2018

16 Sep

The church held a brunch on September 16, 2018 in preparation for the arrival of a Syrian family which we are sponsoring. Several months ago, servants started communicating with ORAT, the Catholic organization which holds an agreement with the government to sponsor Syrian Refugees. Once we located a family that has been persecuted, displaced and impacted by the war, practical steps were being taken to bring them to Canada. The sponsorship agreement requires that the church deposits an amount of $34,000 to be dispensed gradually on expenses to the family once they arrive. Furthermore, we will need to provide the family with shelter, clothing, connections to schools, work and many needs for the livelihood. It is truly a great blessing that we, as a congregation, can help a family in distraught and give them a new life in Canada. This is exactly where Christ’s heart is. We look forward to their arrival in the next few months, Lord willing.