H. H. Pope Shenouda III Approves Church Design

14 Jan

On Friday, January 14th, Fr. Daniel and Fr. Pishoy travelled to Cleveland to present to His Holiness the updated architectural design of the church. His Holiness carefully reviewed the design and was extremely impressed with the progress of the plans. Sayedna was alsoexceptionally happy with the development made regarding the rezoning andthe eminent presentation of the site plan application. Sayedna encouraged the congregation to continuemoving forwardwith the building plans as His Holiness would like to see this project completed soon. The church priests were so glad that his holiness personally signed his name on one of the portraits and wrote “With Blessing”. The church family is forever indebted to our beloved father H.H. Pope Shenouda III for his continued encouragement and support to our church. To view the updated architectural design, please click here.