Doors Open Markham

30 Sep

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, SMSV participated in Doors Open Markham for a second year.  This cultural event celebrates historical and cultural sites of Markham by inviting them to explore historical, architectural and cultural treasures across the city. SMSV opened her doors to 200 members of the greater Markham area for guided tours in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  Our guests ranged in age, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. Community members had a range of questions about Coptic Orthodoxy, the Christian faith, this parish, and the physical structure of SMSV. Visitors were impressed with both the warmth of the people as well as the culture and architecture of the Church.  A special highlight this year was that Open Doors advertised the welcoming ceremony for our beloved Fr. Thomas Hanna  and family to the ministry. Tours occurred simultaneously with this historic event and several guests stayed for the ceremony.

Many thanks to the volunteers from SMSV who organized the event including the greeters, tour guides, IT coordinators, and parking attendants.  We look forward to many more community partnerships with the City of Markham and are privileged to keep our doors open to this great city throughout every day of the year.