Year-Round Services

1. Brookside Retirement Residence visits

To visit seniors living in the retirement home, to provide companionship and participate in senior’s activities. For more info please contact Debbie White and Pierre Girgis

 2. Community Meals & Children Breakfast Club Yonge Street Mission, St. John The Compassionate etc.

To prepare and serve community dinners, including set-up and cleaning the hall after dinner. To participate in fellowship and youth sport/games after dinner. For more info please contact Renee Samuel and Maurice Cyril Chen

 3. Downtown Sandwich Run

To serve individuals in the streets of downtown Toronto. To hand- out sandwiches, water, juice and clothing as needed. Volunteers donate sandwiches and snacks. For more information please contact Fran Brown

 4. Good Shepherd’s Trays Preparation

To prepare pasta casseroles (a very simple recipe is provided as well as the specific containers). Recipe for “Macaroni and Beef Casserole” click here. For more info please contact Engy Azouz

 5. Habitat For Humanity

To participate in building homes for low-income families, putting together dry walls, paint or finish floors under the supervision of a construction crew. For more info please contact Jacky Habib and Maurice Cyril Chen

 6. Social Committee

The Social Committee function is to organize major SMSV Church events, retreats, banquets and special celebrations. For more info please contact Sue Armanios and Marlenne Doss

 7. Food Drives 2 –3 weeks prior to Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Organize food drives for the benefits of different community services organizations. For more info please contact Renee Samuel