22 May

Victoria Day Long Weekend Congregation Retreat 2010

The church family participated in the Victoria Day Long Weekend spiritual retreat which was held at Cranberry Golf Resort in Collingwood, ON from May 22 – 24, 2010. The theme of the retreat was “Acquire the Fire” which focused on the Holy Spirit since the church celebrated the Feast of Pentecost during that weekend. There were…

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18 May

CREW Meeting BBQ Night 2010

    The CREW Young Adults Meeting organized a BBQ and games night on Tuesday, May 18th. It was a night filled with fellowship, laughter, and group activities. Fr. Pishoy shared a short meditation on “Choices” based on Deuteronomy 30:19. May the Lord bless every ministry for the glory of His holy name.

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07 May

Catechism Course

The church has started a Catechism Course for any one interested to learn more about the Orthodox Faith, Doctrine, and Traditions. The course will be held at the Church of St. Luke for eight weeks starting Friday, May 7th from 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm. To register for this course, please contact Dr. Wadid Abadir

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07 May

Conclusion of Small Group Leadership Training Course

The Small Groups training course had their celebration dinner on Friday, May 7th.  The theme was “A Night of Lights,” drawing inspiration from Pentecost and our  identity as  the light of the world.  Thirty faithful participants attended the training for nearly three months and learned the skills necessary to facilitate a small group including:  Creating Small Group Covenants, Worship, Celebrating…

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01 May

Baptism of Ryan Sukie

Congratulations to Ryan David George Sukie for his blessed baptism on Saturday May 1, 2010. May the Lord bless his life and continue to guide and protect him.

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24 Apr

Baptism of Gabriel and Nicholas Kharooba

Congratulations to Gabriel Anthony & Nicholas Benjamin children of Nabil and Shereen Kharooba for their blessed baptism on April 24th, 2010. We pray that the Lord would guide them to grow in the faith and in His love.

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17 Apr

Yonge Street Mission

Members of SMSV were asked to come assist the YSM with the Children’s Breakfast Club on April 17, 2010. Volunteers prepared food, served the children and spent fellowship by facilitating sports, art classes and usage in computer lab. For more community volunteering opportunities click here

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27 Mar

Visit of H. G. Bishop David Holy Week 2010

We were blessed by the visit of H. G. Bishop David on Lazarus Saturday, March 27th. On this joyful day, His Grace baptized Leonard Maurice Cyril Chen and ordained ten deacons: To the rank of Epsaltos (singer): Matthew John Azouz, Jonathan George Dawoud, Stephen Cyril Dawoud, Michael Mekhail, Stephen Mekhail, Fadi Pishoy Mekhail. To the rank of Anagostis (reader): Anwar Peter Mekhail,…

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14 Mar

Texas Youth Spiritual Retreat

The church organized a Youth Spiritual Retreat to St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey in Texas during the Spring Break from March 14 – 20, 2010. Thirty Nine of the church youth and their counselors participated in this spiritually uplifting journey which took them to the southern most tip of the United States. We were welcomed at…

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06 Mar

Servants' Spiritual Day

The church servants participated in a Spiritual Day on Saturday, March 6, 2010 which was held at St. Luke Church. The day started with prayers, praises, followed by presentations from various service committees in the church. The Community Service, Evangelism (Jerusalem & Ends of the Earth), CREW, Technology, Women’s Ministry, and Prayer Meeting shared updates…

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03 Mar

Notice of Completed Rezoning Application

We are very thankful to our Lord that we have received a confirmation from Markham Town notifying us that our application for rezoning is now complete. In order to reach this step, the church had to present a conceptual design of the project, go through several meetings with the consultants and city staff, conduct a…

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27 Feb

Habitat for Humanity 2010

Volunteers from the Parish and sister Parishes assisted the Habitat for Humanity at the William’s Way build site (located at 1500 Weston Rd). Volunteers had an opportunity to pray with the staff and other volunteers at the site, share in a fellowship lunch and invite them to the various parish services in the area. Volunteers…

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21 Feb

Annual Marriage Preparation Program

Our Annual Marriage Preparation Program commenced on Sunday, February 21st and will continue until April 18th (excluding Palm Sunday and Feast of Resurrection). This seven week course covers a multitude of topics to prepare our engaged couples who are planning to get married within this year. One of the outstanding features of this group is…

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16 Feb

CREW Meeting with Fr Paul Girguis

We were blessed by the presence of Fr Paul Girguis to lead the CREW meeting on Tuesday, February 16th. This was the second session in our ongoing series entitled “Basics of Orthodox Christianity” and the talk was on “The Eucharist”. We are very thankful for receiving this blessing and we hope to see our beloved…

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15 Feb

Youth Meeting With Fr. Paul Girguis

The High School youth were blessed to meet with Fr. Paul Girguis from St. Mark’s Church of Washington DCon Monday, February 15th. Fr. Paul’s message to the youth focused on how to attain true commitment of the heart and life to the Lord Jesus despite modern day challenges to the faith and morality. May the Lord bless our…

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