Young Adult Ministry Activites

28 Mar

CREW Spiritual Retreat 2015

The C.R.E.W Young Adult Ministry recently spent a beautiful spiritual day at the Valley of the Mother of God on March 28, 2015. The day started with praying of the Divine Liturgy, followed by a talk on “God and Logic”, an open Q&A session with Fr. Pishoy and workshops. The day also included meals and…

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25 Nov

CREW Christmas Dinner 2014

On Tuesday, November 25th, 2014, the C.R.E.W Young Adults Fellowship hosted a dinner at St. Luke’s where they enjoyed fellowship, games and great catered food to start the Holy Nativity Fast. The C.R.E.W Young Adults meeting occurs every Tuesday at 8pm at St. Luke’s.    

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05 Nov

CREW Meeting Dinner 2013

The C.R.E.W Meeting held its annual dinner on Tuesday, November 5th at St. Luke’s Church. Members and gues ts were welcomed as they entered the church and spent time in fellowship. The buffet style dinner was generously prepared by the meeting servants and members. After sharing together in the meal, Fr. Daniel shared a meditation…

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30 Oct

Visiting University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC)

The church regularly shares in reaching out to University students through campus ministry. Fr. Pishoy met with the Coptic Club members at UTSC on Wednesday, October 30th where they prepared many questions that were shared ahead of the discussion. The topics included: The Church view on Theistic Evolution, the story of Creation, Angels, Satan, Judas,…

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12 Feb

CREW Meeting Excursion to Cheer for the Toronto Raptors

Members of the CREW Young Adults Meeting held an excursion on Tuesday, February 12th to cheer for the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre. The group first met together for dinner before the game and then headed to the ACC. It was a very exciting game where the Toronto Raptors ended up winning by…

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12 Nov

CREW Meeting Pre-Advent Dinner 2012

The CREW Meeting held its annual Pre-Advent dinner on Tuesday, November 20th at St. Luke’s Church. Members and guests were welcomed as they entered the church and spent time in fellowship. The buffet style dinner was generously prepared by the meeting servants and members. After sharing together in the meal, Fr. Pishoy shared a meditation…

09 Oct

Visit of H.G. Bishop Tadrosof Port Said

We were blessed by the visit of H.G. BishopTadrosof Port Said at the CREWmeeting on Tuesday, October 9th. His Grace spoke about “Love as the First Commandment”being inspired from Luke 10:25-37. After the sermon, Sayedna answered many questions which werepresented by the members especially concerning the nominationprocess of the new Patriarch. The church congregation confirmed…

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07 Jul

CREW Meeting at St. John the Compassionate Mission 2012

On Tuesday, July 7, SMSV’s Christ’s Representatives Everyone Welcome (“CREW”) Ministry joined with SMSV’s Community Service Ministry to prepare and transport meals for the needy guests of St. John the Compassionate Mission. The SMSV team then served the meals to approximately 80 of the Mission’s guests that day, enjoying good conversation and blessed fellowship.

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19 Jun

Maryland Youth Mission at CREW

The CREW meeting was blessed to welcome Fr. David Milad and the youth mission team from St. Mary Church in Maryland on Tuesday, June 19th. Fr. David shared a meditation on the importance of evangelism. The youth mission team spent a week in Toronto serving and volunteering at different community organizations. We thank the Lord for the…

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29 May

CREW Meeting Activities & BBQ Night 2012

The CREW Young Adults Ministry held an activities and BBQ night at St. Luke’s Church on Tuesday, May 29th. Many young adults from across the GTA enjoyed an evening of activities, fellowship, and an agape meal. Fr. Pishoy shared a meditation entitled “Better than Average” which encourage everyone to do hard things for the Lord and to challenge oneself…

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20 Dec

CREW Christmas Dinner Celebration 2011

Members of the CREW Young Adults meeting organized a Christmas celebration by holding a dinner on Tuesday, December 20th at St. Luke’s Church. The evening started by prayer, ice breakers, and a dinner prepared by PepperJaz catering. The members then shared in Christmas praise and worship songs followed by a meditation by Fr. Bishoy El-Atony…

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16 Jul

C.R.E.W. BBQ and Softball Tournament 2011

C.R.E.W organized a BBQ and Softball Tournament on Saturday, July 16th to support the Kenya Mission team. It was a joyful day filled with excellent food, activities,  and fellowship.  Everyone remained active by either playing softball, kicking the soccer ball, or throwing the football around. We pray for the safety of our missionaries who will…

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17 May

Visit of Bishop Youssef of Bolivia to CREW

We were blessed by the visit of H.G. Bishop Youssef of Bolivia to lead the CREW meeting on Tuesday, May 17th. His grace first delivered a spiritual meditation entitled “The Resurrection and Change” followed by a beautiful presentation on the history and expansion of the mission in Bolivia. Everyone praised God for His work in Spanish speaking countries in…

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26 Apr

Visit of Fr. Morcos Farag and Winnipeg Youth to CREW

The CREW young adults were blessed with the presence of Fr. Morcos Farag and youth from St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Winnipeg. A fellowship meal was celebrated as part of the Holy fifty days and a short sermon was led by our beloved Fr. Daniel Hanna.

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01 Mar

Crew Meeting Outing 2011

The CREW Young Adults and Grads attended the Raptors vs. Hornets game. Many friends and youth also attended enjoyed the game. After the game, the young adults went for a post game fellowship at a local restaurant.    

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