Bible Sports Camp 2020

Welcome to
SMSV Bible & Sports Camp 2020!

SMSV is thrilled to be hosting our annual Bible & Sports Camp this year! We look forward to having all our children back this year for an engaging and memorable time. SMSV Bible & Sports Camp will incorporate public-health measures as laid out by the Ontario Public Health Guidelines as well as the Public Services Health & Safety Association.

We have prepared protocol to provide you with information regarding staff, COVID-19 updates and standards, daily activities/routines as well as policies and procedures related to COVID-19 and camp to get your campers ready for the summer! Please take the time to review all our protocol carefully with your child to ensure maximum safety for all camp participants!

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Per the guidelines outlined by the COVID-19 Guidance provided by Ontario Public Health as well as the COVID-19 Precautions set forth by the Public Health and Safety Association; the following are policies and procedures that will be implemented at SMSV Bible & Sports Camp this year:

Child Drop Off

In order to limit exposure, entrance to SMSV Bible & Sports Camp will only be available through the side entrance accessible from the roundabout (doors adjacent to the Youth Lounge). We kindly ask that parents REMAIN outside as children will be received by camp staff from the parent/guardian car; a daily health screening will be performed for everyone in the car (children and parent/guardian).

No one will be permitted to enter the building except for essential personnel, campers and camp staff. Please do not wander the building.

In accordance with Ontario Public Health, no one will be permitted into the building or campground if anyone in the vehicle has symptoms visible to screener or disclosed by parent/guardian (trouble breathing, coughing, sore throat, etc.). Walkers will be subject to the same screening method; children will not be permitted to enter the building with a fever and/or disclosed or visible symptoms.

Screeners will be SMSV Bible & Sports Camp senior staff members who will be present during drop off daily. Screeners will use hand sanitizer between each screening. Screeners will wear masks or face shields; all camp staff will wear masks.

In addition to the screeners and camp leadership, there will be additional staff outside to escort children to meet their camp group. Every effort will be made to ensure the same staff is present at drop off each morning.

We strongly encourage the same adult pick up and drop the child at camp each day. If possible, try to avoid having grandparents or any adult who is highly vulnerable to exposure drop off and pick up.

Carpooling is acceptable and may be an option for many families. If carpooling, we strongly encourage you carpool with the same families every day.

Child Pick Up

We ask that parents remain outside or wait at the entrance (similar to morning drop-off) and we will have staff to bring your camper directly to you and help facilitate check-out. In the event that it is an early pick-up (prior to the end of camp), kindly call the church office and they will notify us immediately upon your arrival.

Program Spaces & Materials

Mixed use spaces will continue to be used and will be thoroughly disinfected and allowed to dry in between each group’s use. Daily schedules will be adjusted/staggered to allow for thorough cleaning. Outdoor space (SMSV North Parking Lot) will be used as much of the day as is possible. Toys and equipment will be limited to items that can be easily disinfected. Sports equipment & any materials will be adequately disinfected between uses by each group. Group leaders and Counsellors will have cleaning supplies in each program space so they can clean spaces and equipment in between group uses.

Handwashing | Disinfecting | Sanitization

Children and staff will sanitize hands upon arrival to camp, between activities, before and after eating, changing/using the washroom. Activity materials will be disinfected between each group’s uses. Doorknobs, light switches, handles, (high-touch places and spaces) will be disinfected as often as possible throughout the day, including at the beginning and end of the day. Surfaces, such as countertops and tables, will be cleaned and disinfected after each use and will be left wet after disinfecting to accommodate the disinfectant’s stated dwell or contact time. SMSV Bible & Sports Camp Directors & Administration will track and order cleaning and disinfecting supplies.

Grouping Children

Physical distancing will be strictly enforced between groups. Ontario Public Health recommends no more than 10 people per cohort including Camp Staff & Campers. This will include 8 children and 2 staff.

Every effort will be made to keep the same counsellors with the same children throughout the day. Floating staff will be limited. Children do not naturally physically distance, however, best efforts will be made to maintain physical distancing practices. Individual play will be encouraged when possible, with Camp Staff providing interesting materials around the room or open space to encourage it.

Staff Arrival and Absences

Staff must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their shift to allow ample time for the required health screening upon entering the Church premises. Staff will have appropriate PPE (either cloth or disposable masks). We will provide masks if staff have not been able to obtain their own. When a staff member calls off, reasons/symptoms will be asked for and documented in confidence to the Director.

Suspected COVID-19

We are hiring adequate staff to satisfy a ratio of 4:1 (Campers to Counsellors). Children will be required to stay within their same group (of maximum 8 children + 2 counsellors) throughout the duration of the week per the Ontario Public Health Guidelines for Summer Day Camps.

With regards to Protocol in the event of suspected COVID-19 in any of the camp participants:

  • Symptomatic staff and camp participants should be referred for testing. Testing of asymptomatic persons should only be performed as directed by the local public health unit as part of case/contact and outbreak management. A list of symptoms, including atypical signs and symptoms, can be also be found in the COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms on the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 website.
  • Those who test negative for COVID-19 must be excluded from the program until 24 hours after symptom resolution. If a symptomatic person receives a negative result, a repeat test within 24-48 hours can be considered if clinical suspicion is high.
  • Those who test positive for COVID-19 must be excluded from the program for 14 days after the onset of symptoms and clearance has been received from the local public health unit.
  • Camp participants or staff who have been in contact with a suspected COVID-19 case should be monitored for symptoms and further cohorted (i.e., grouped together) until laboratory tests, if any, have been completed or until directed by the local public health unit.
  • Staff members and camp participants awaiting test results should be excluded from camp.