A Successful Public Meeting

15 Jun

“The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build” (Nehemiah 2:20)

It was a historical day indeed which is to be remembered for generations. Congregation members gathered at the Town of Markham to participate in supporting the rezoning application presented by the church to allow for a Place of Worship along with its auxiliary uses including a banquet hall, gymnasium, day care, and a bishop’s residence. The atmosphere in the Council’s Chamber was very light, full of laughter, and an overall confidence in the potential of this project to become a positive addition to the entire Town of Markham. We are extremely thankful to H.W. Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Councilor Dan Horchik, the entire Markham council, and Town staff for their support and confidence in our application. We are also very thankful to our architect, Mr. Len Abelman from WZMH, Mr. Ben Quan our planner, Mr. Nick Poulos our traffic consultant, and the church’s engineering committee for their professionalism and their support. We also appreciate the congregation members who were present during the meeting and every one else who supported through their prayers. The council voted unanimously in favour of our application to permit our proposed uses. Before the new bylaw could be finalized, we still have a few requests made by the council which need to be worked out during the next few weeks, God willing. We look forward on continuing to work closely with the Town staff to fulfil all the required steps.