2017 Board Nominations – Ron Quan

Mr. Ron Quan


  • Currently retired. Previously employed with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, for close to 40 years; many of those years as a manager or senior consultant dealing with hospitals.
  • Member of the Coptic Orthodox Church for over 15 years and member of SMSV since its beginning.
  • Very blessed to be one of the first deacons ordained at SMSV. Administrative lead for Deacon Ministry.
  • Currently a member of the Accounting Ministry.
  • Have been past member of Hospitality Ministry, Liturgical Offerings Ministry, Drama Ministry, Small Groups Ministry
  • Participated in Chinese New Year celebrations.

Vision Statement:

1. How will you contribute to the mission and vision of SMSV by your service on the Church Board?

Through prayer and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit I will do my best to be a good role model and lead by example.  The goal is that our mission and vision are not just some very nice words on paper but becomes a living reality within SMSV.

The mission and vision will not come from myself, rather it is very important that I am in close touch with the congregation, including those young, young at heart, men, women, single, with families, other ethnicities and so on, so that the mission and vision are reflections of the congregation’s needs and wishes and that we all move forward together as one in unity.

I would love to see SMSV continue to grow spiritually and multiculturally and come together as one community where each person is equally loved and respected.

2. What new ideas/suggestions would you like to introduce to the Church Board?

I will seek and listen to new ideas from all congregation as everyone has good ideas to contribute.

I would like to see the youth and the young adults in our church have more opportunity to present ideas as they are the future of the church.  Perhaps we can form a young people’s council (ages 14 to 21) which can be established as an advisory group to the Board of Deacons.  I would also like to see the youth participate and have more responsibility in the Divine Liturgy and other events.  For example, we are having a young person’s Pascha during Holy Week.  Perhaps we can have some weekday liturgies during the summer that our young people handle and when appropriate we might consider having a SundayDivine Liturgy that are led by our young people once every two or three months.

As the number of newcomers to our church, particularly those not familiar with the Orthodox church, continues to grow I would like to see additional orientation guides and kits in place to make the transition easier.  This will be important when we do more outreach in the local community.  For example, during some Divine Liturgies Father Pishoy provides an excellent explanation of various aspects of the Divine Liturgy.  A video could be put together of these insights.  Also we should start to record all the questions and responses that people submit after the liturgy and compile them in an organized Q&A handbook.  To me these questions and answers are invaluable and help in one’s understanding of our church.