2017 Board Nominations – Raef Ghali

Mr. Raef Ghali


Raef graduated from Faculty of Engineering in Cairo, Egypt, and is currently working as Structural Engineer Manager in a consulting firm. He is married to Dina for 26 years and father of Fady and Andrew – immigrated to Canada in 1994.

Raef served in the youth ministry for many years back home before immigrating to Canada and also at St. Mark and SMSV.  Currently, Raef serves in the Young Adults ministry, Mission trips for youth & young adults, premarital program, Holy Family Ministry and Christian counseling for families.

Vision Statement:

1. How will you contribute to the mission and vision of SMSV by your service on the Church Board?

The ministry at SMSV is a ministry of Love, Integration, and Outreach. This shall be the ultimate goal of board members and the congregation, who together take ownership of the mission and the vision by extending the love of Christ through serving and outreaching to a multicultural congregation.

We will collectively contribute to paint this beautiful picture of heaven that gathers all nations from every background, tongue, tribe, and language that represent the one body of Christ regardless of our differences. This will be achieved by working together to embrace, encourage, support and engage everyone according to everyone’s needs, gifts and calling.

We will continue to hold strong our core Coptic Orthodox doctrine, traditions, teaching; at the same time we will continue to recognize and differentiate between cultural practices and our core Orthodoxy practices in order to welcome all nations and bring everyone to the knowledge of Christ.

Again, the ultimate goal for the board and the congregation together is to continue to offer the unconditional love of Christ to everyone in order to make SMSV a refuge place to all.

We can only stay focused on the mission and the vision when we fix our eyes on Christ alone; this will help us stay united “.. they were all with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1, and collectively seek heavenly wisdom and spirit of discernment from above in order to give Him all the glory.

2. What new ideas/suggestions would you like to introduce to the Church Board?

  • Every single member of the congregation shall be involved in the ministry; this is important for spiritual growth and developing sense of ownership and commitment.
  • Outreach is a vital component to demonstrate the care, compassion and the love of our lord Jesus Christ.
  • Regular discussions and feedback from everyone in the congregation regarding their needs in order work together to recognize and satisfy all needs and to stay focused on the mission and vision.
  • Going beyond the church walls more often to engage in serving the community in order to bring awareness to the love of Christ and witness to Him. “.. you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8
  • Search for the lost sheep, and for those who have specific needs – this should involve all the congregation of different age groups.
  • Encourage new ministries and revive dormant ministries.
  • Search for the root causes of roadblocks and work together with board members and the congregation to address them.