2017 Board Nominations – Owen Worsley

Mr. Owen Worsley


Occupation: I am currently a Senior Manager of Business Transformation for a division of Shoppers Drug Mart.

I started in the company over 10 years ago in an entry level position and through my commitment, work ethic, dedication to self-improvement as well as positive outlook have progressed to where I am today. Today I am an integral member of our Senior Leadership team driving the overall financial and strategic direction of our company.

SMSV Ministry Involvement:

I have not been involved in any SMSV ministries to date. Not because I do not want to serve or participate rather I have not felt the call of a ministry the way I have to the board. I hope that this will be the starting point of my and my family’s increased involvement. I believe that my personal and professional skills can best be used on the board and hope this will be…

Vision Statement:

1. How will you contribute to the mission and vision of SMSV by your service on the Church Board?

I will contribute by putting all of myself into board matters, my focus will be on the church and how I can make it better.

I will contribute by doing my best to be an example of a person who is welcoming to all and be seen as someone that looks for the positive in all things.

I want the board to be seen by the congregation as being present, available, approachable and engaged. I think that doing so will help build trust and comfort with those of us that the congregation have entrusted to keep our mission and vision alive in our day to day lives.

2. What new ideas/suggestions would you like to introduce to the Church Board?

I want to bring things that I learned in the work place about being an effective, productive and collaborative team.

I’d like to use the tools that I’ve been given to better understand how we as individuals on the board think so that we can bond together as a team.

I would also like to create a collaboration code, specific to this board, that everyone would sign as a commitment to how and what we’ll get done.