2017 Board Nominations – Nermine Gorguy

Dr. Nermine Gorguy


Occupation: Family Physician

I was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1980 and immigrated to Canada with my family in 1990. I completed my BSc. in biology and psychology, my MSc. in genetics, and finally my medical degree in 2009 – all from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. I then returned to Ontario and attended University of Western Ontario for my Family Medicine residency which, thank God, I completed in 2011.

I began my medical career as a rural emergency physician, but have since limited my practice to the GTA and family medicine with a focus on psychotherapy. Remaining in the Toronto area allowed me to become more involved in SMSV.

Ministry Involvement:

I joined the SMSV community in 2009. Since then, I’ve benefited from and served with various ministries including youth group, small groups, JOY, congregation retreats, Kenya & Bolivia mission trips, SMSV opening week and outreach nights.

Currently, I’m blessed to be one of the leaders of the CREW young adult ministry and the book ministry, and a member of the office ministry.

Vision Statement:

1. How will you contribute to the mission and vision of SMSV by your service on the Church Board?

By the Grace of God, I was granted the experience of coming to SMSV as an outsider, being served, given the space to develop an intimate relationship with Christ, and offered many friendships with His children, before accepting the insistent (and thank God!) call to service myself. I’ve been blessed to be in church regularly, especially since we moved into our beautiful new building, as well as connecting with various ministries. Through these experiences, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of most of our ministries, their purpose, the populations they serve and the growth they achieve! I’ve also watched as many challenges in the service have been handled and dealt with some challenges directly myself. Though I continue to learn and to grow in the Love of Christ, I believe I am well placed to understand the big picture of the mission and vision of SMSV and the role that each ministry, and indeed each person, has within that vision.

By training, I am skilled at considering the risk versus benefit in decision making, and weighing multiple interests. I work regularly with teams, both in my professional career and church service, and have had to develop my communication and organization skills. Finally, I love SMSV, so whatever I don’t have, I am happy to learn, or collaborate on, to ensure this board functions at the top of its collective ability, to achieve our mission for God’s glory and kingdom.

2. What new ideas/suggestions would you like to introduce to the Church Board?

One of my favorite things at SMSV is the variety of ministries, with the goal that each person be able to find the opportunity to use their talents in serving God.  I hope that we can continue to offer our congregation this opportunity and encouragement, and that new initiatives continue to be encouraged and developed.

One of the areas I feel we need to develop is leadership skills in our congregation. In order to become effective leaders in our communities and shine for God, it’s important that our leadership styles inside and outside of church be the same. This requires that our leadership strategies be Christ-centered which we will not find in secular courses, though of course they can be adapted.  I think this is needed for servants, and for our youth and young adults.

We are blessed to have a multi-generational congregation, but as is common, the different generations tend to stick together. This deprives the younger generations of the wisdom and guidance of the older, and deprives the older of the joy of discovery and the playfulness of the younger. I would want to look at programs that might bring the generations together to work or play, be it through one on one mentorship or group activities.

We also have a population of young adults that remains largely untapped for service.  Many of these young adults feel stuck in this season of their lives and are focused on moving on to the exclusion of considering how this season can be used for His glory. I would like to consider ways to serve the needs of this group and mobilize them.

Also, we no longer have the introductory meeting for seekers (JOY) which I think is worth reviving (or another avenue of introduction to the church and her people), as we regularly now get visitors into the church wanting to learn more.