2017 Board Nominations – Emmanuel Nakhla

Mr. Emmanuel Nakhla

Occupation: Senior Tax Accountant at BDO Canada LLP.

Vision Statement:

1. How will you contribute to the mission and vision of SMSV by your service on the Church Board?

I work in a public accounting firm as a Tax Accountant. One of my responsibilities is to review tax filings for charities and not-for-profit organizations. I am required to look past the numbers to ensure that the organization if fulfilling its mandates and providing the services to its members to the best of its abilities. I have attended several conferences regarding proper governance and management of charities and not-for-profit organizations.  On a personal basis, I believe in our church’s vision to extend love to the surrounding community through community service and humanitarian work. I hope to ensure the church has the necessary means both financially and in personnel to extend this love to the community so that God’s glory may be evident.  I believe that as member of the Coptic Orthodox community living in the western world we have the greatest responsibility to the community. As immigrants and minorities in this country, we have been blessed with the freedom and opportunities that our brothers and sisters back home do not have. However, we have not come empty-handed. We are blessed with spiritual wealth, the knowledge of God and an abundance of love which is lacking in our communities. I hope to bridge this gap by utilizing the freedom and opportunities that we have been blessed with in this country and spreading the wealth of spirituality and love that we have brought from back home. As a board member, I will seek more opportunities which our church can play a vital role in helping the community and spreading the word of God.

2. What new ideas/suggestions would you like to introduce to the Church Board?

Our church has been blessed with individuals with an abundance of knowledge and skills. In today’s world where help is becoming harder and harder to find, I hope to connect the church and its members to the individuals in the community who are seeking help. Furthermore, the situations in our homelands have become dire. I would like to provide greater humanitarian assistance to our brothers and sisters back home to help them cope with the persecutions they are enduring for the sake of Christ. We need to ensure that they are aware that we have not forgotten them and that their losses are our losses.  Also, I am a fan of the old-fashioned church where the community was small yet intimate and the priest knew everyone by name. I hope to ensure that as the church gets larger and larger, we do not compromise the intimacy that has once been the cornerstone of the church. This will require additional small groups tailored at the different needs of the people. It will require getting additional help for our over-worked Abuna Pishoy. Lastly, now that the Lord has blessed our community with this new beautiful building, we need to ensure of its maintenance and preservation for future generations. Far too often, beautiful churches are built and then neglected requiring unnecessary waste of resources to renovate and fix. At SMSV, we need to ensure that we are proactive in the maintenance and up-keep of the building for the generations to come.