2017 Board Nominations – Cathy Tadres

Mrs. Catherine Tadres



My education comprises a BAS and an MBA. My occupation is a professor at college and University, where I teach under the Business Program Faculties. I’ve managed Manufacturing Organizations with full responsibility for operations including P&L. I also have experience with operating and being on the Board of charitable and non-for-profit organizations.

In my years at SMSV, I have and continue to serve in the following ministries:

  1. Community services ministry: (A) Food drive (B) St. John the Compassionate feed the homeless
  2. Welcoming / Greeters Ministry
  3. Agape Meals for Sundays and weekdays church services
  4. Festive functions servers and clean up ministry
  5. Little Miracles child care hiring committee

As well, I continue to provide support by taking on projects assigned to me by Fr. Pishoy but not limited to:

  1. Meeting child care centre furniture vendors
  2. Reviewing requirements in accordance with ministry mandate
  3. Preparing lists for Vendors to provide quotations
  4. Preliminary budget preparation for chidl care centre for presentation to church board
  5. Conducting legislative projects assigned to me by Fr. Pishoy

Vision Statement:

1. How will you contribute to the mission and vision of SMSV by your service on the Church Board?

My purpose is centered in spiritual growth and service in accordance with God’s will; to ensure the affirmation of SMSV mission and vision in all that I undertake by observing inclusion, diversity and respect to others while personally living with honesty and integrity. I will do my best to make a positive difference and to give back to our community, while providing support to others. I will live each day with faith, individual worth, knowledge, good works, dignity, honour, justice, love and truth. I hold these qualities dearly in my heart and soul. I pray to keep them and abide in them.

2. What new ideas/suggestions would you like to introduce to the Church Board?

  1. annual Events – Everything pertinent should be documented – the event should also be evaluated in terms of:
    1. What our goal was?
    2. Did we meet it?
    3. Where did we fall short?
    4. Where did we exceed?
  2. Look at creating a climate for growth. What motivates people to give?
  3. Look at strategies that will make a difference to our congregation especially our youth and our community.