10th Annual Community Welcome Event 2017

07 Oct

Our 10th Annual Community Welcome Event was an extremely joyful event which took place on October 6 & 7, 2017. The theme this year was Faith & Science which combined testimonies of God’s amazing power along with scientific facts that strengthen our faith in God. Our guest Dr. Luke Janssen from McMaster University presented two topics entitled “Faith & Science: Are they in Conflict?” and “How to Respond to the Atheist Challenge”. Also, our athlete guests Jamal Sampson and Anthony Madison spoke about their journey of faith which helped them to remain faithful to Christ while playing professional sports. We also held a children’s carnival on Saturday which included bouncy castles, popcorn, BBQ, a basketball boot camp and a football scrimmage with our athletes. Overall, it was a very successful event which embraced members of the Community and guests. We thank all the dedicated volunteers who made this event a very joyful one.